Sunday, July 17, 2016

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Wood

Did you know that you can apply heat transfer vinyl on wood? 
If you stick vinyl on untreated wood, you will see it doesn't stick for a long time. You have to treat the wood. 
Or: you take heat transfer vinyl (HTV)! 
And there are so many different kinds and designs of HTV! 
Wusstet ihr, dass man Bügelfolie auf Holz aufbringen kann? 
Wenn man Vinylfolie auf unbehandeltes Holz klebt, stellt man schnell fest, dass es nicht lange hält. Man muss das Holz vorbehandeln. 
Oder: man nimmt Bügelfolie! 
Und es gibt so viele verschiedene Arten und Designs als Bügelfolie! 

What I used: 
plywood (untreated) 
HTV in green 
design HTV (Flower-Power) 
2 eyebolts 
iron (or heat press)
Teflon sheet (or baking paper) 
Was ich genutzt habe: 
Sperrholz (unbehandelt) 
Bügelfolie Flex in grün 
Design Flex Flower-Power 
2 Ringschrauben 
Bügeleisen (oder Transferpresse) 
Teflon-Folie (oder Backpapier) 
HTVonWood 01
Cut your design out of the design HTV and a bit bigger out of the green HTV (I've used m Silhouette Cameo but you can also cut it by hand).
Das Design aus der Design-Bügelfolie, und etwas größer aus der grünen Bügelfolie ausschneiden (ich hab es mit meinem Silhouette Cameo geschnitten, es geht aber auch per Hand). 
HTVonWood 02
Place the green HTV on the plywood. 
Cover it with the teflon sheet (or baking paper) and press it on with the iron (pressing, not moving). 
Die grüne Bügelfolie auf das Holz legen. 
Mit Teflonfolie (oder Backpapier) abdecken und mit dem Bügeleisen aufpressen (pressen, nicht bewegen). 
HTVonWood 03
Remove the transfer film of the HTV. 
Die Trägerfolie von der Bügelfolie entfernen.
HTVonWood 04
HTVonWood 05
Place the design HTV onto the green HTV, press it on and remove the transfer tape. 
Die Design-Bügelfolie auf der grünen Folie platzieren, aufpressen und die Trägerfolie abziehen. 
HTVonWood 06
Screw the eyebolts into the wood. 
Die Ringschrauben in das Holz drehen.
HTVonWood 07
HTVonWood 08
Attach the ribbon and the sign is done! 
Bänder anbringen, und das Schild ist fertig!
HTVonWood 09
HTVonWood 10
The font I used: Longdon Decorative
Die Schriftart, die ich benutzt habe: Longdon Decorative

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  1. Danke für die tolle Anleitung :)

  2. It looks very pretty!! I have never tried vinyl but it doesn't seem difficult and the result is so original!

  3. Really cute. I would love to create something like this will have to save these instructions.

  4. This is SO cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  5. So neat! I love how it came out.

  6. Visiting from Funtastic Friday. Pinned!

  7. Wow, didn't know this! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinned to share.

  8. I've always wanted to try this and you make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing this at Celebrate Your Story.

  9. What a lovely idea and it is so easy. I will definitely have to look into it. Thanks for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration.

  10. It's very pretty! Love it! Thanks for sharing at our craft party on Thursday! We would love to have you share your latest DIY'S tonight!!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at The DIY Collective. Hope to see your awesomeness again this Thursday!

  12. Love it and want to make a horse stall sign. What temperature did you use on the heat press and how long did you press the design?

  13. Love the design and want to make a horse stall sign. What temperature did you use on your heat press and how long did you press the design for? Thanks


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